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Planning Permission

It is an approval given by the Local Authority, Environmental Division, which carries out Town and Country Planning act on behalf of the government.

This covers generally what is called as “Amenity” (such matters as the appearance, the effect on neighbours and on the street scene. In case of private houses, Planning Permission is required for some, but not all building work

Whether or not it is required depends upon many factors, such as size of the proposal, and whether there have been any previous extensions to the property. Small works which do not require Planning Permission and are called as “Permitted Development”

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Permitted Development

Some extensions and conversions can be constructed without planning permission, however it is always recommended to apply for a permitted development certificate.

This will certify that, despite not requiring planning consent, the work you have carried out on your property has been done lawfully and correctly.

Whilst this isn’t required by law, many clients find that the certificate supplies peace of mind when selling their home in the future as it’s a simple way for solicitors to prove that all building work is appropriate.

Plus, a permitted development certificate provides evidence that all work is lawful during construction and therefore any complaints made by a neighbour can be easily handled.

We can help you build a strong permitted development application that will ensure peace of mind both during and after your home improvement is completed.

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Building Regulations

Building Regulations ensure the health and safety of people in and around buildings by providing functional requirements for building design and construction.

In addition, the Regulations promote energy efficiency in buildings and contribute to meeting the needs of disabled people. This covers construction (such matters as structural stability, insulation, fire prevention and public health) and is required for virtually all building work.

Builders and developers are required by law to obtain building control approval or carrying out construction work under building notice, independent of Planning Permission