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Single Storey Side Extension

If you’ve outgrown your home or want to add value, then a single storey extension could be the ideal solution for you. London architects Extension Architecture have extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with single storey extensions in London boroughs, such as Ealing, Merton, Hackney, and Kingston and Chelsea.

Whether you want to extend your garage, have a bigger kitchen, add a dining room or snug, or even install a pool, our expert architects can design your dream, advise on building regulations and apply for planning permission to your London borough council on your behalf.

Our end-to end architect services, which includes professionals from all industry spheres, makes extending your home simple and straightforward. Plus, with our 3D graphic imaging services, you can be sure of what you are getting before you commit yourself to anything.

So, no matter what type of single storey extension you’re interested in adding to your London property, at Extension Architecture we can help. Take a look at our case studies below or get in touch with us for more information.

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Single Storey Rear Extension

Houses in the UK are often reflections of past users in outdated styles which we force ourselves to adapt to, compromising personal taste and convenience. In light of the demands of the modern lifestyle, Clients often approach us wishing to take control and adapt their houses into homes—as reflections of themselves and as strong responses to their needs. A recent project of ours, 18 Briton Crescent, is a prime example of the exciting results possible through close cooperation between clients and our multidisciplinary team, capable of supporting from inception to operation. Nestled in South Croydon, we proposed a single-storey rear kitchen and dining extension of medium to high-end finish with a gross internal area of 172.7m², well-lit from skylights and with integrated kitchen design.

The journey from start to finish demanded a highly considered client-centric design, an expertise in planning, an understanding of the practical implications and the expertise of our Interiors Team. A personable and dedicated approach was taken by Architectural Designer, Seren Yavuz, in order to design a scheme tailored to our client’s palette for contemporary design, their biggest hopes and their smallest desires. Under the ethos that no detail is too small, a deep comprehension of the users’ needs, safety and their natural manner of interaction with space informed the design process, consistently welcoming client input in the evolution of the design. An essential part of this was analyzing the way the client lived and the safety implications of designing with consideration for children. Once satisfied with the proposal the project was submitted to the council for approval prior to implementation. Planning, in particular, is a strength of Extension Architecture. Councils and planning applications can be stressful to navigate but a passionate approach to each and every project and sense of ownership is possessed across the Design Team, who will liase with all necessary parties and remove the anxiety from the process, taking special consideration into means of ensuring the success of applications. This case was no different and Seren personally saw to the approval of the application with Croydon council, showing special consideration to the views of neighbours in her proposal of an innovated asymmetrical roofscape—supporting the application but also embodying the modern sensibilities of the client. This process usually involves submitting an application, waiting up to ten working days for validation and then a further eight weeks for a decision to be made. It is during these weeks that clients can begin to consider the translation of their vision from thought and drawings to actual build.

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Double Storey Side Extension

Double storey extensions are a great way of getting a much larger, higher value home without all the hard work and stress of having to move house. Our London based architectural practice has expertise in designing and project managing double storey extensions, so we can help you from the very start to the very end. Whether you want a side extension in Islington or a rear extension in Havering, we are here to help.

With our multi-disciplinary team, Extension Architecture have extensive experience in applying for – and being granted – planning permission in London boroughs, deciphering building regulations and working with clients to achieve their desired outcomes, so we can help you whatever your requirements.

Extension Architecture are well versed in maximising light and space in London homes and we can seamlessly blend the style of your existing property with your new extension. So why not take a look at our double storey extension case studies below for some inspiration on what we can help you achieve, or get in touch with us for more information?

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Double Storey Rear Extension

The brief was to enlarge the property via a double storey rear extension, loft conversion, internal re-figuration and a porch. In order to comply with the Council’s planning regulations our designers had to consider a sensitive approach to the existing fabric and form as well as the client requirements to preserve the appearance and the character of the residential architecture in the area.

Planning permission was granted due to the sensitive response to the site and character of Kingston area. The rear extension matched the existing roof in form and material, while the exterior finishes corresponded to the traditional character of brick and render finish.

The new layout of spaces in the dwelling addressed and responded to the client’s needs. The common spaces, such as the play room, lounge and living room were located on the ground floor. The design focused on functionality and connection of spaces. The two most frequently used rooms, the family lounge and kitchen, were placed next to each other to enable circulation between spaces. The design of a spacious kitchen that opens up to the dining area included a modern flat roof with skylight which allows for natural light to enter the space.

The personal spaces such as the bedrooms were placed on the first floor to assure privacy. The arrangement of spaces on the first floor took into consideration the views of the garden, at the rear of the property, to create a connection between the interior and outside surrounding. The placement of the glazing and window openings was designed to match the requirements of Kingston Council. The intervention on the facades through the glazing was approved by the Kingston Council, as they viewed it as a contemporary interpretation of the traditional openings of surrounding properties.